Stargazer's Logs

For astronomical notes and sketches

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Stargazer's Caldwell Log and Stargazer's Messier Log are useful books for recording notes and sketches of astronomical objects. These coil-bound, lightweight A5 resources contains a finder chart for each Caldwell or Messier Catalog object with a facing page for notes and sketches. Each page contains fields for object, observer, date, time, telescope, eyepiece, magnitude, seeing, naked eye limiting magnitude, field size, filter and a large sketching circle. The books also include further notes pages and blank pages for additional oberservations, and a table of contents you can fill in to find your sketches and notes quickly.
In addition to the above two works, Stargazer's Log provides a generic resource with no finder charts but instead containing twice as many pages for notes and sketches.
You can support the development of this book and other books in the series by purchasing a handy printed copy of this PDF. Alternately you can download the PDFs and print the pages you need. The star charts are optimised for use with a red light torch.
Stargazer's Caldwell Log - Contains finder charts for the Caldwell Catalog
Stargazer's Messier Log - Contains finder charts for the Messier Catalog
Stargazer's Log - Contains twice as many sketching and notes pages
Download the free PDFs: Stargazer's Caldwell Log, Stargazer's Messier Log, Stargazer's Log